Saturday, 14 September 2013

Energy consumer liquid fat

Energy consumer liquid fat is also known as sarcoplasmic liquid of nutrients and amino acids that are needed for energy and building fabric, a kind of "gasoline". Subcutaneous water, it will be the same name is not correct. So the fact that our body - an independent biological substance, and it adapts itself to the load side environment.

Any stress: physical, thermal, chemical, psychological, nutritional, etc. So, if you regularly load the load of your body food that your body does not have time to digest the body itself creates cells help to take all incoming energy load. And where did he create them? This is where it’s much - in "liquid fat".

Fact that in the body is not equivalent to the gas tank, as in the vehicle. And the body accumulates the energy as sarcoplasmic subcutaneous fluid in muscles as glycogen. This fluid includes the same amino acid, amino acids - is building materials and which are constructed from cells of the body.

Amino acids we get from protein. Animal proteins are interchangeable, but they are no substitute for vegetable proteins, which is just as important for the too much energy, the body cells that eat the excess energy. If the liquid fat - this is our "gasoline" that has come to an end, that is quickly coming and going, the fat cells - is deliberately created by energy absorbers. Energy is absorbed not only the muscle cells, but also fat.

Fat cells are also known as "micro-mouths"

Fat cells are also known as "micro-mouths" who eat. When your body lacks energy, he begins to clean up these extra 'mouths. "Hunger - it is a" red light "indicating that our" tank "is empty. And the fat cells to contentment, they start whining like "guzzle want!" But since it is no longer present, the body mass of "reducing".

I switched to the language of the parable that was the very essence clearer processes. It follows that in order to get rid of fat cells; you need to regularly (but not always) easy to experience hunger and lack of sarcoplasmic fluid, resulting in the loss of glycogen and slight weakness. When you do not have the energy, the body throws "the furnace" is that does not burns First "gasoline", and then glycogen, then fat.

When fat is burned up, he will be accepted to the meat. But we will not allow it. Now it is time to say that the body has a natural, natural regeneration and growth, you cannot force the natural way. Rapid weight gain, you are creating a large number of sarcoplasmic, some of which always remains untapped and thus you encourage the body to create fat cells.

Just a quick discharge of mass leads to the depletion of sarcoplasmic, but to create and delete cells, the body needs some time. So do not be too quick to gain or lose weight, the desired result will not get you quickly.

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